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Spark R&D

Spark R&D Spark Crossbar Clips

Spark R&D Spark Crossbar Clips

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Clips for One Splitboard2 levers, 2 crossbars, 2 shear bushings, screws, and extra screws for use with thinner boards.


Aluminum / Brass


3.38 oz (96g) per Pair


Clamp Travel and LeverageThe lever flips 180 degrees allowing it to open more, making it easier to slide the board halves together. Improved leverage makes it easier to clamp shut.

Pivot PowerThe lever pivots on a single mounting screw.

Increased Adjustability50% more leverage than previous versions.

More ConnectionU-shaped cutouts in the crossbar surround the mounting hardware for a more solid connection.

Lightweight48g per clip, with screws.


Compatible with Splitboards with Drilled-Through Clip Mounting PointsIf you can see screw heads on the base of your board, these are the ones you want. Not compatible with boards that have inserts at the clip mounting points (for those, see the top-mount version) or 3- and 4-piece boards.

  • Mounting Pucks: No
  • Made in the USA: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 Years
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