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Spark R&D Summit Skins 2022

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Weight: 0.72lb/ea (328g) - 1.45lb/pr (657g) - Medium

Tailclips: Dual angled hooks can accommodate the ever-changing variety of board shapes on the market. Blunt and Square shapes use the outer hook, while standard and swallowtails use the inner hook. Extended slots in the tailclip offer boundless adjustability for the perfect combination of position, angle, and tail stretcher tension with your board.

Tail Stretcher: Injection molded in-house using a Pebax® thermoplastic material that is tear-resistant and stays flexible even in freezing temperatures. The built-in texture grips the tailclip to keep it firmly positioned with no slippage, and also makes it easy to grab with gloves on.

Industry Leading Material: Full nylon material provides the perfect blend of grip and glide.

Crazy Good Glue: Long-lasting glue is laid down in multiple stripes to be sticky on your board, but not too sticky to pull apart.

Storage: Includes storage bag and trim tool.