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Salomon L7 Ski Bindings 2019

Salomon L7 Ski Bindings 2019

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The Salomon N L7 bindings are a fantastic choice for the tweener crowd. With a DIN range of 2-7.5 and adult and junior lug compatibility, these bindings have a huge range of users. They're light and easy to use, and with a low stand-height, they are nimble and quick. The skier weight range is pretty huge, spanning from 55 to 187 pounds approximately. Also with a heel that can go 3.5 sizes, the track can be used for growing kids without having to be re-mounted all the time. As a result, you've got a versatile, light, and convenient ski binding for a lot of different skier types. While not a high-performance binding, it still adheres to all the safety aspects of the sport, and delivers quite a punch for what you're getting. For kids transitioning to adult sized boots, the Salomon N L7 bindings are an awesome choice. Kids love having stuff that's just like the adult gear, so having a binding that is perfect for both is awesome for younger skiers. They're light and easy to step in to, so skiers will spend more time skiing and less time fussing around with their bindings. The toe wings are automatically adjustable, so just shove your boot in there, stamp it down, and get on with the ski day. The longer you spend skiing, the more fun you're going to have, so be prepared to have a ton of fun on the Salomon N L7 ski bindings.


  • DIN Range: 2-7.5
  • Skier Weight Range: 55-187 pounds
  • Automatic Toe Adjustment
  • Junior/Senior Compatible
  • Ability Level: Intermediate Skiers
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