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River Reece Doezema Signature Roulette Wheels - 30mm Wide

River Reece Doezema Signature Roulette Wheels - 30mm Wide

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River recognizes that as decks get wider and wider, larger wheels are required to sustain an optimal carve angle and prevent scraping on the left and right side of your deck. This is why River is introducing their largest wheels yet. These wheels have a diameter of 115mm and will automatically gain 2-3.5° on your carve angle over the industry standard 110mm. This means that your deck will scrape less on the left and right during various activities. These wheels are also 30mm wide and will have a larger contact point with the ground for increased grip, and a larger balance point for manuals and fakies. "Rapid" refers to the urethane compound that River created and is designed to withstand rougher street terrain. The urethane is harder, and more responsive than the "Glides".



  • Size: 115mm
  • Core Width: 30mm
  • Urethane Width: 30mm
  • Urethane Rating: N/A
  • Bearings included: Yes, ABEC-9 Flash Floods
  • Sold in: Pairs
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