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Race Plates

Race Plates

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These aluminum Race Plates jack your bindings up 3/8" to get a racer's carve, and allow you to easily shift your binding forward or back, or between skis.  3/8" aluminum/plastic sandwich with material hollowed out of the base to save weight.  Two forward positions, and two rearward positions.  420g per set.  Includes an additional stomp plate to support the Outlaw's orange slide block in the center.  Machine screws included.  Works with Outlaw X, Axl, and Vice bindings.  The machine screws will not work with the HammerHead or BombShell.  Not recommended for Lynx.

To install, use the binding mount screws to mount the aluminum plates directly to the ski.  Then put the plastic plates on top, and mount the binding with the included machine screws.
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