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Lucky Pro Scooters

Maze - Lucky GRIPPERTAPE™ - Pro Scooter Grip Tape

Maze - Lucky GRIPPERTAPE™ - Pro Scooter Grip Tape

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  • Material: Silicone Carbide - 3M adhesive backing
  • Sizing: 5" x 22" (114mm x 559mm)

Lucky GRIPPERTAPE™ was designed and tested by Pros for Pro Scooter Riders. The Pro Scooter grip tape is made of silicone carbide giving it a great feel and makes it long lasting! The super sticky 3M adhesive makes sure your grip tape is always planted on your deck. Whether you are riding in the park or on the streets, GRIPPERTAPE™ always has you covered and can make your scooter pop with sweet graphics! Order yours now!

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