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HO Omni Men's Water Ski 2022

HO Omni Men's Water Ski 2022

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  • CONTINUOUS ROCKERLINE - Instinctive turns with no paralleling
  • SWITCHBLADE FIN SYSTEM - Leave the calipers at home. Take out the guesswork and never lose your fin settings! Just swap in a new blade shape and you're ready to experience new performance characteristics from your ski. The new settings are built into the blade. We've done the work for you.
  • HYBRID WIDTH - A waist width halfway between a traditional ski and a wideride ski provides for smooth instinctive turns at a wide range of speeds
  • FLEX-FRAME - Increased torsional flex provides the maneuverable feel of a traditional ski with the speed & stability of a wideride ski
  • DEEP CONCAVE - Added stability in turn balanced by low drag Clean Edge tail
  • ASHER BALANCE FIN - Reduced fin length for quick turn rotation combined with a new distribution of surface area for great cross course direction. Shaped by Will Asher.
  • CLEAN EDGE 3.0 TAIL - The Clean Edge bevel-less tail produces less drag and more acceleration with less skier input.
  • TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCTION - Fiberglass Polyurethane composite structure
  • SPEEDSKIN BASE - Fish-scale inspired advanced laminar textured ski base reduces ski drag and increases ski speed by breaking up water molecules during ski to water contact.
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