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HO Carbon Omni Water Ski 2024 + Stance 110 Boot & ARTP

HO Carbon Omni Water Ski 2024 + Stance 110 Boot & ARTP

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The Carbon OMNI (Mark II) waterski is the ultimate solution for skiers who need a versatile ski that delivers high performance and responsiveness. This 2nd generation Carbon Omni’s all-around performance has been further enhanced by the addition of a modernized rockerline with dual flat spots that provide easy balance. In addition, deeper concave and larger bevels provide more stability and forgiveness. This true crossover shape combines aggressive, high-performance skiing with the efficiency necessary for open water skiing. With its exceptional all-round performance and unparalleled versatility, the Carbon OMNI waterski is the ideal choice for skiers looking to push their limits and conquer any water condition.


  • Clean Edge Tail: 50% less drag and more acceleration with less skier input.
  • Hybrid Width: Higher turn performance
  • Carbon Laminates for increased stiffness for max acceleration.
  • More Features
  • 4-Stage Rockerline: Dual flat spots for stability and acceleration.
  • High Volume Concave: Improved hold and forgiveness.
  • Larger Bevels: Increased stability and acceleration.
  • Syndicate Adjustable Fin

Binding Features

  • Split-back Upper Cuff With Lateral Flex Zone
  • Flex Index 110
  • Dual Lace Zones
  • Sbr Closed Cell Foam Liner
  • 6mm Thick, Zero-drop, Contoured Footbed
  • 1000 Gram Boot Weight in Size 7-11
  • 15 Degrees of Forward Lean
  • High Strength 6061 Grade Aluminum
  • 175mm Tall Cuff Height
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