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Grind Pegs

Grind Pegs

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The classic Apex Grind Peg has been around for over a decade, and is still one of our most popular products. Both durable and light, this peg is perfect for both street and park riders. There’s no need to feel limited to one style of riding when you can do both with the Apex Grind Peg. It features the classic Apex Logo and they are available in a range of anodised colours.



One Peg

Two Pegs- Fully Assembled



Peg length: 50mm

Axle: Included

Axle length: 1 x 70mm & 1 x 80mm

Axle diameter: 8mm

Pegs per pack: 2

Material: Aluminium 7000 Series

Weight per peg: 32g

Total Weight: 143g

To get the most out of your pegs, we recommend rotating them regularly to evenly wear them down and increase the life span. 

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