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Giro Grade Goggles - Big Kids'

Giro Grade Goggles - Big Kids'

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Medium Youth Frame

Super Fit™Giro goggles are designed with references to anatomic measurements and rider input for a product that fits and performs at the highest level.


Cylindrical Thermoformed Lens

Vented LensVents cut into the lenses above the gasket line allow warm air to escape and keep goggles from fogging.

Anti-Fog CoatingEvery Giro goggle lens features an anti-fog coating to keep your vision and riding experience on point.

Face Foam

Double Layer Face Foam with Micro-Fleece Facing


Seamless Compatibility with All Giro Youth Helmets

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

  • Frame Size: Small
  • Lens Type: Cylindrical
  • Helmet Compatible: Yes
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Color Berry Magenta Palms​/Rose Silver Black Magenta Speckle​/Amber Pink Black Magenta Speckle​/Amber Rose Black Rocker​/Amber Rose Black Rocker​/Persimmon Blaze Black White 50​/50​/Amber Rose Black Wordmark​/Amber Scarlet Black Wordmark​/AR40 Black Wordmark​/Yellow Boost Blue Lime Dual​/Amber Rose Blue Neon Lights​/AR40 Blue Neon Lights​/Grey Cobalt Blue Rock​/Amber Scarlet Blue Rock​/AR40 Blue Rock​/Grey Cobalt Blue Rock​/Yellow Boost Blue​/Green Roar​/AR40 Blue​/Green Roar​/Grey Cobalt Blue​/Green Roar​/Loden Green Bright Green Color Block​/Amber Rose Bright Green Color Block​/Rose Silver Bright Green​/Black Zoom Bright Green​/Black Zoom​/AR40 Bright Green​/Black Zoom​/AR40 Bright Green​/Black Zoom​/Loden Green Bright Pink Palm​/Amber Pink Bright Pink Palm​/AR40 Cool Breeze Charcoal Blocks​/AR40 Cool Breeze Charcoal Blocks​/Loden Green Electric Rhythm​/Amber Pink Glacier Stripes​/AR40 Glacier Stripes​/Grey Cobalt Glacier Stripes​/Yellow Boost Glowing Red Color Block​/Amber Rose GP Orange​/Amber Scarlet GP Orange​/AR40 Green Hideout​/Amber Scarlet Green Hideout​/AR40 Hearts​/Amber Scarlet Hearts​/AR40 Lime Secret Ooze​/Amber Rose Magenta Bubble Gum​/Amber Rose Magenta Turquoise Dots​/Amber Rose Micro Daisy​/Amber Scarlet Micro Daisy​/AR40 Midnight Neon Lights​/Amber Pink Midnight Neon Lights​/AR40 Midnight Neon Lights​/Yellow Boost Olive Dye Line​/Amber Scarlet Orange Black Blocks​/Amber Scarlet Orange Black Blocks​/AR40 Party Blocks​/AR40 Party Blocks​/Grey Cobalt Party Blocks​/Yellow Boost Pink Black Blocks​/Amber Pink Pink Black Blocks​/AR40 Pink Tile​/Amber Pink Psych Blossom​/Amber Pink Psych Blossom​/AR40 Purple Magic Mountain​/Grey Cobalt Purple Magic Mountains​/Amber Pink Purple Magic Mountains​/AR40 Purple Magic Mountains​/Grey Cobalt Purple Script​/Amber Rose Red​/Black Zoom​/Amber Scarlet Red​/Black Zoom​/AR40 Red​/Black Zoom​/AR40 Sea Glass​/Amber Pink Sea Glass​/AR40 Tropic​/Amber Pink Tropic​/AR40 Turquoise Native​/Amber Rose Turquoise Native​/Rose Silver White Palm​/AR40 White Palm​/Grey Cobalt
Conditions Partly Cloudy​/Medium Partly Cloudy​/Medium Partly Cloudy​/Medium Partly Cloudy​/Medium Partly Cloudy​/Medium Partly Cloudy​/Medium
Lens Tech Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized
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