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Apex Bol Bars HIC 2021

Apex Bol Bars HIC 2021

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Apex Bol Bars

The new Apex Pro Bol bars are typical of what Apex Pro stands for - high quality, pro-targeted products, with a little bit of style thrown in for good measure.

The size of these bars are what appeals to most people... a massive 560mm wide (22.5" in old money) and 600mm high (24"), the Apex Pro Bol bars are perfect if you love really wide bars. Because the bars don't have a slit in them, they will sit up really high when used with SCS compression, as there is no need to shorten them to remove a slit. This means their true height is more like 620mm when sitting in SCS.

The style is simple - a basic T-bar with a slight dip in the top bars either side of the upright. The result is a comfortable and strong bar that is set up perfectly for SCS compression. 

The Apex Pro Bol bars are made from high quality chromolly, and professionally powder-coated to provide the ultimate in paint protection

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