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Bowie Pegs

Bowie Pegs

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The Bowie Peg features a unique design that is perfect for riders who are looking to try something new! The peg will increase your grinding area and your trick list. An easy way to make your park setup into a street setup, these pegs are an all round favourite. Featuring a laser etched Apex Logo and available in a range of anodised colours, this peg allows you to experience both styles of riding.



One Peg

Two Pegs- Fully Assembled



Peg length: 5cm

Axle: Included

Axle length: 1 x 70mm & 1 x 80mm

Axle diameter: 8mm

Pegs per pack: 2

Material: Aluminium 7000 Series

Weight per peg: 32g

Total Weight: 143g

To get the most out of your pegs, we recommend rotating them regularly to evenly wear them down and increase the life span.

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