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BCA Float 2.0 Cylinder (Empty)

BCA Float 2.0 Cylinder (Empty)

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WarningWearing an airbag backpack is no guarantee of survival in an avalanche. Backcountry travelers are highly advised to educate themselves in snow stability assessment, route finding, and companion rescue and carry all of the conventional avalanche gear in addition to the airbag.

Release of 3,000 PSI (207 Bar) Compressed Air

Only compatible with Float Airbag Systems

Refilling Your CylinderBCA Float cylinders may be refilled either by BCA in Boulder, CO, or at authorized refill stations. Visit in order to find authorized refill centers in your area. BCA does not recommend attempting to refill cylinders yourself or at non-authorized locations as the process requires training, documentation and parts provided by BCA.

Refillable at Any of BCA's 165 Certified Refill Locations

  • Weight (g): 594
  • Warranty: 3 Years
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