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Atlas Helium MTN Boa Snowshoes

Atlas Helium MTN Boa Snowshoes

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Helium MTN CramponThe most aggressive crampon in the Helium series. The MTN was created to provide reliability, giving the user confidence in all types of snow and ice. The design is rounded out with an aft tang, creating 360-degree engagement around the foot for superior grip.

Aluminum Traction RailsCurved traction rails set in close to the foot provide sidehill traction and stability.

Helium DeckingThe deck of the all-new Helium series provides the foundation to make these the lightest composite snowshoes available. The unique louver design sheds snow to keep them lightweight, while also creating traction.

19° Heel LiftOn steep climbs, calf muscles tire quickly and traction decreases when your foot matches the slope angle. The heel lift bar on Atlas snowshoes eases fatigue when climbing and ensures better grip when the terrain gets steep.

Advanced AFT Head TractionAtlas' surest grip comes from the sharp ice tips on the heel cleat. With four angled and ridged side rails and the integrated heel lift bar, the user can expect superior traction and deeper snow penetration with each step.

ArticulationThe Pivot Limiter sits lower in the decking, rooting your strides to the ground.

Aft-Deck FinAtlas put a fin under the tail to keep the Helium tracking straight when the snow gets deep.

Rockered FootbedAllows your foot to settle into a comfortable position in the binding for a natural, rolling gait.

LouversShed snow and create integrated aft-deck traction that keeps you moving in the right direction.


Wrapp™ MTN BindingThe Wrapp™ MTN binding blends Atlas’ proven Wrapp™ series design combined with Boa® Closure System crafted for All-Mountain snowshoeing use. Providing a secure fit each and every time, the simple twist of a dial delivers consistent precision when the terrain gets technical.

Boa® Closure SystemStainless steel lace evenly distributes pressure across the foot for the most comfortable and secure fit. Easy, durable, on-the-fly adjustment.

  • Material: Aluminum, Composite, Steel
  • Weight (g): 1520
  • Made in the USA: Yes
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Size (in) 23 26 30
Weight (g) 1520
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