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Voile Split Board Slider Tracks w/Pins


Voile Split Board Climbing Skins

Voile Splitboard Climbing Skins are specifically made for splitboards. They are cut to fit the right and left splitboard half.

Further, Voile Splitboard Skins have a bomber riveted stainless steel tip loop, that can take a ton of abuse while on the climb up. The material is a very hydrophobic nylon mohair. The glue is the most tenacious on the market. It is reliable and proven.

Includes a trim tool, and a nylon storage bag.

Color Orange
Part Number 1102
Size 130mm Wide x 152cm length
Material Nylon Mohair with a Stainless Steel Tip Loop
Benefits/Uses Hydrophobic nylon and tenacious glue, Covers running surface of board/Fits most brand lengths of splitboards

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