Voile DIY Split Kit

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f you're planning on stepping up your backcountry game this year but don't quite have the cash flow to get the gear, Voile has the perfect solution for you. The Voile Split Kit (DIY) is for you people that like to do things yourself. Convert your current snowboard into a splitboard yourself! This isn't for everyone, but super rewarding for the handy ones out there.

Product Details


The Voile Split kit includes all the DIY Voile splitboard hardware and step-by-step instructions to split your old board.


Improvements include completely new Voile Split Kit Puck with 2-hole secure t-nut mountin, lighter Voile touring brackets, more durable rear tabs on the Voile Slider Track, new binding support riser for easier uphill skinning and side-hilling, and new durable plastic coated climbing wires.


Attention! Please Read! This hardware kit is for Sawing Your Old Board. Does NOT mount onto factory-built splitboards that have inserts!