Thule Snowboard Carrier 675

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The Thule Snowboard Carrier 2007 will carry the heck out of your snowboards, just see if it won't.

The Thule snowboard carrier rooftop rack is an angled side mount snowboard carrier designed for ease of installation and use, as well as a space-saving profile on your roof rack, and attractive styling that complements any vehicle. Capable of carrying up to two snowboards of any size, the Thule's two carrier assemblies feature angled board slots. This allows for easy access to the boards as well as maintains an aerodynamic profile of boards and bindings. It also leaves plenty of space on your rack for any additional accessories, such as a cargo box for extra gear, that you might want to carry. In addition, the angled profile of the Thule Snowboard Carrier Rooftop Rack allows for the loading of boards bottom-to-bottom, which protects your vehicle's finish from possible scratches.