Thule Rapid Aero Roof Rack Foot Pack (set of 4)

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Make it easier to carry around your gear with the help of the Thule Rapid Aero Foot Pack. 

These Feet are designed for vehicles without a factory rack or rain gutters. Easy and quick to mount, the Thule Rapid Aero Foot Pack becomes a resourceful and dependable way to lift the carrier on top of your car so you can haul the equipment you don't want taking up the precious space inside the vehicle. A glossy, factory-like design makes these feet modern in appearance and is easy to install and remove. Its wide foot pad distributes the weight evenly too. For the next trip you plan, make sure you attach these Thule Rapid Aero Feet to your car so you can easily install the carrier to haul your skis, boards, or equipment safely and securely.