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Superfeet Copper Insoles

Superfeet Copper Insoles

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The Superfeet COPPER DMP insole utilizes a 3-layer foam system known as the Dynamic Molding Process that allows you to get a custom insole fit without the hassle of heating up your insoles in the oven. Special foam (DMP Foam) layers inside the insole mold to the bottom of your foot while a stabilizer cup provides the support that your foot needs. The insole also has a top cover that makes the product last longer, more comfortable and great for low-impact activities (walking, standing, etc).
DMP Featured Product Technology
Friction-control nylon top cover allows the foot to move without creating excessive friction
Highly impressionable memory foam top layer cradles the shape of the foot
Interactive PU foam middle payer provides comfort without compromising stability
Proprietary 'D-Foam' bottom layer and polypropylene stabilizer cap maintain shape and support. ESS - Encapsulating Stabilizer System

Superfeet Copper DMP features a firm stabilizer cup for optimal underfoot support. When integrated with the shape and design of the foam full length, this unique combination provides stability, comfort and a calculated degree of shock absorption for different activities, footwear and foot types.
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