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Salomon X Pro X80 CS Wide Snow Ski Boots Women's 2018


Intermediate to advanced skiing women looking for an easy to fit boot love the Salomon X-Pro X80 W CS. Salomon's 360 Degree Custom Shell can easily be adapted for most foot shapes by an Authorized Salomon Dealer. A bootfitter will heat the shell in a special oven and set the boot on your feet. As the shell cools down it will start to adapt to the shape of your foot for a comfortable and supportive fit. The Twinframe 2 Construction uses a stiffer plastic on the sole of the boot that reduces torsional twisting to improve your responsiveness and power when you are skiing fast. Salomon's 24mm Oversized Pivot provides a beefy connection between the upper cuff and lower shell to drive more energy to your skis. A Women's Specific Liner and Women's Calf Adjustment keep the female foot securely in place and gives you some fine tuning for how the boot fits across your calf muscle. If you want a boot that will feel like it was made just for you, the Salomon X-Pro X80 CS will be the perfect choice.


  • Best Fits Most Foot Shapes After the Molding Process and a Medium Shaft of the Leg
  • 360 Degree Custom Shell
  • Twinframe 2 Construction
  • 24mm Oversized Pivot
  • Women Specific Liner
  • Women Calf Adjustment

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