Salomon S/Max 130 Carbon Snow Ski Boots Men's 2020

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The new breed of alpine boots is all about lighter weight and better power transmission, and the Salomon S/Max 130 Carbon Ski Boots are ready to stake claim to a podium spot. With a carbon reinforced construction that weighs in at 1664 grams per boot and a snugger 98 mm last with the latest generation Custom Shell HD heat molding capability, the S/Max 130 Carbon reacts in nanoseconds to your slightest input. Forget that it weighs less than many popular touring boots, this shoe is ready to rip big lines like a hero and devour unpredictable snow like a Rottweiler in a butcher shop. Salomon continues to push ski boots to the limit, and the S/Max 130 Carbon is a big reason why.