Salomon Faction BOA Snowboard Boots Men's 2020

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Although they're not the most expensive boots in the line, Salomon Faction Snowboard Boots could be the most comfortable. They're soft-flexers, which encourages progression for learning riders, and will attract more experience riders looking for a soft boot. These have a Flight outsole which is low-profile and very light, and the quick and adjustable Zonelock lacing keeps your dogs from barking.

Product Details


Soft Flex  For a rider looking for comfort above all, this soft-flexing boot encourages progression.


Autofit  Multi Density memory foams that adapt to your footprint for maximum all-day comfort.


Silver  Silver liners feature AutoFit foam technology and Ortholite insoles molding foam for lasting fit and comfort.

Lacing System

Zonelock  ZoneLock lacing offers a dual-zone lacing system that focuses on upper and lower sections of the boot allowing the rider to customize the boots wrapping support.


Imprint  This boot features a high comfort and long-lasting insole.


D-Light Outsole  Lightweight and ultra-low profile, this full EVA D-Light Outsole features extra gridding under the feet for added comfort and damping right where you need it.