Ronix One Time Bomb Wakeboard Men's 2013


 Ronix One Time Bomb Wakeboard Men's 2013


Unravel your freeride potential with the seventh generation of our best selling collection. Since its inception in 2007, this superboard is best known for its mellower transitioned turns, buoyant feel on the water, progressive edge hold and a smooth 3-stage kick off the wake. Last season, we created our latest version of Danny Harf’s signature board really focusing on 3 key things. 1. Make a board that feels less tight on the water - recessing the fins inside of the channel for a looser overall feel and a quicker release off the wake, without sacrificing stability. 2. Build a smoother blend in the variable rail for more controlled edge transfers. 3. With the help of Parks, create a new style of rocker with the most in glide speed. Every aspect of the One board’s rocker and variable rail was built for the least amount of resistance with the water and more overall speed into the wake. The future of freeride designs - ride longer with less work.


Timebomb Construction The lightest, stiffest construction in our line. For the rider that wants the most attention of the wake . Take al of the same attributes as our ATR and ad our new Fused Foam . The most rebound of the wake and the least amount of swing weight when you ’re in air, without sacrificing water feel like other “high end” boards out there. One of the secrets to D. Harf landing a double indy tantrum, double indy toeside back roll, and a toeside backside 900 right after jumping on this new core.

Fused Foam

This new core is kind of like Wu Tang. Independently they have had solid solo careers, but you mix the killa beez together and the super band clan can’t be touched. Riders like the feel of the water on our Mod Pour foam along the outer rails - it has more contact while riding and you feel every ripple that much more. Mix that with our new ultra weight machined foam in the center of the board for reduced swing weight and a snappier lift off the wake. Tie it all together with our parallel carbon. A stiffer board that wants to snap back as soon as the board touches the wake for the most in instant energy. That’s the ingredients of our Time Bomb - don’t tell anyone.

  New surf/round rail with a soft bevel thru the center allows the board to ride higher on the water and prevents that all too familiar edge catching digger

- Rail blends to a sharper bevel and a vertical sidewall in the tip/ tail creating additional contact with the water, a more predictable turn, riding higher on the water

- Thin profile reduces swing weight

- Simple bottom shape - the board lands with more natural forward momentum allowing us to use a cleaner design

- Deeper side vents for fins - the best in traction with a looser feel and a quick release

- Glide Speed - putting smiles on rider’s faces since not very long ago and can cure the common cold

- 7 D Series - There are 7 different dimensions of artwork in the graphic in honor of this being Danny’s 7th designed series

- Lenticular - There is a reflective 3D water image recessed in the metal emblem

- The fastest pro model Danny Harf has ever ridden.

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