O'Neill Bahia 2/1 S/S Wetsuit Women's 2010


Bahia 2/1 Shortie

Designed for the warm water, the O'Neill Hammer S/S 2/1 Spring Wetsuit is made to fit perfectly and let you move without restrictions while surfing.

* Material:Body is constructed of 100% Fluidflex- O'Neill's exclusive highly stretchable neoprene and lightweight fabric // Fluidflex stretches about 75%
* Special Features:Flatlock stitched- a breathable, overlapping flat-stitched seam that's non-chafing and super durable- great for warmer conditions // Single superseal neck- a full adjustable closure featuring 360 degree smooth skin interior, chafe free unfinished edge, and minimal bulk design // Strategic paddle zones- an ergonomic, seamless undersleeve panel allows for unrestricted motion and eliminates rashing


* Seam Sealing:Flatlock seams
* Wetsuit Thickness:2/1 mm
* Wetsuit Type:Shorty

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