Line EP Pro Shorty Snow Ski Youth 2011


EP Pro Shorty

Are you frustrated trying to shred pow on skinny kids skis? Are adult pow skis too long and expensive? Then you're the dude everyone else forgot to make skis for. We've got your back though with this NEW Eric Pollard-designed, legit powder ski with all the same technology as our adult skis, simply sized to fit you and your parent's wallet.
Lengths: 145, 155
Shape: 133-107-129

THE DEVELOPMENT STORY BY ERIC:  The art on this year's Pro I wanted to make simple, but colorful with highlighting brush strokes. The mountains and rising sun are recurring themes in a lot of my art, but this is the first time I have brought them all together in one graphic. The concept was simple, kids should have access to the same powder ski technology as adults, so why not scale down what we already know works great.

The engineering started with defining how much we were going to scale it down, we tested some options and found that the best width was a 107mm waist, 2cm narrower than the one I ride. It gave plenty of float without sacrificing edge grip. Then we gave it the same Early Rise & Early taper technology in the tip and tail so it floats both directions without having to sit back. The flex we wanted to be as versatile as possible so it would still rip on groomed so it's similar to my Sir Francis Bacon. The Cap construction was choosen because it makes the ski so much lighter than sidewall and super affordable. I hope you like yours as much as I like mine.

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