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Lib Tech MC Step Trail C3 Snowboard Men's 2018

Lib Tech

Lib Tech MC Step Trail C3 Snowboard Men's 2018

When Matt Cummins set out to develop a pow board based off of his well-received Coho model, he grabbed a stack of Lib Blanks, shaped 'em up and let a crew of rippers thrash serious terrain at Baldface Lodge. The result? The Lib Tech Step Tail C3 Snowboard is an even floatier version of the Coho, and promises to be the board you'll want on your feet when the snowfall numbers go into double digits.

Product Details

Rocker Type

C3 Camber TechnologyAggressive camber at both the tips and tail with a mild rocker profile between the bindings.


Medium Stiff FlexStout enough to charge your hardest but without excessive harshness.


Aspen / Columbian Gold Wood Core


Original Power ConstructionLight. Environmentally Nice. Strong.

The MC Step tail is the powder focused evolution of Matt’s Coho model. “I wanted more effortless glide and float but still turn like a sports car”. Development of prototypes for the Step Tail was based on a foundation of Matt’s 25 plus years of board design, applied to prototypes cut from the Lib Tech “Blank”, and ridden with a crew of ripper friends at Baldface Lodge. “The best part was watching people’s stoked faces after a run… the boards were gone every run after that! The initial designs were so floaty I had to narrow up the tail to keep the board from catching air after landing an air. I tuned it to perfection with the help of my friends… enjoy!” FLOAT LIKE A BIRD, STING LIKE A BEE RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF SPEED AND FLOAT, MAKES A GOOD DAY AN AMAZINGLY FUN DAY

Read more at: http://www.lib-tech.com/snowboards/mc-step-tail/

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