K2 Mini Turbo Boys' 2020

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Get your grom up to speed sliding sideways on the K2 Mini Turbo Snowboard. Designed to encourage rapid progression, this soft-flexing deck is flat between the bindings and rockered in the tip and tail to create a buttery, catch-free feel that builds confidence and sends 'em shooting up the learning curve. Put afterburners on your little dude's progression with the Mini Turbo Snowboard and try to keep up.

Product Details

Rocker Type

Catch-Free Rocker Baseline™  By bringing the contact points out of the snow, this beginner-friendly design ensures linking turns without a catch. This small amount of rocker in the tip and tail aids in more confidence throughout the learning curve and unlocks faster progression on all terrain.


Flex Rating  1 (1 Soft - 5 Stiff)


Directional Twin

Traditional Shaped Board


Noodle Core  Youth cores are specifically designed and tailored to the weight and overall size of the next generation of rippers.


Biaxial Glass  Smooth all-purpose performance with a no-frills design. Fibers are woven together at 0° and 90°. This makes for a more responsive ride longitudinally and torsionally.


Extruded 2000 Base  Delivers a consistent glide and is easy to maintain and repair.

Binding Compatibility

4 x 4 Inserts