Hyperlite Counterfeit This Wakeboard DVD/Video


 Hyperlite Counterfeit This DVD

'In a time when videos were starting to becomestandardized. Similar tricks, editing styles, swapping big name riders on thebox cover. Our team decided to step back from the traditional approach of mediasaturation. Instead, they decided to make a movie thatmakes a difference - the right way, the long way - the hard way. Thru 3 cadaversurgeries, several other round trip tickets to the hospital and many sleeplessnights chasing the elusive "missing hammer", out team finished amovie that sums up why they got into wakeboarding and wakeskating. Each in thereown way with distinct personalities they all felt the pressure and motivation,as tricks from their friends/teammates were being captured on a daily basis.This movie wasn't Hyperlite's idea, it was their vision and ultimately theirchallenge to exceed their goals. From October of 2003 until September of 2005they all have been riding for spirit, comradery, and the challenge of a 'TeamMovie' Hyperlite proudly presents the work of 11 riders and 23 months. Featured Riders:ChadDanny Parks Erik Murray George Daniels Brandon Thomas Grubb Byerly JD Webb Aaron Rathy )'

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