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Hyperlite Byerly Heritage Wakeskate Men's 2014


Hyperlite Byerly Heritage Wakeskate Men's 2014



With the new demands of wakeskating and riders looking for more durable deck options, Scott and the team devoted much of their time testing new materials and constructions to find the best combination. After many rounds of prototypes, they settled on the new Heritage series. This all new deck features a full Sintered base and ABS sidewall, two features that together make the skate stronger and more durable. Butch also spent hours in the shaping room to perfect the concaves and rocker line that Scott and BT wanted. The top concaves are well blended from kick-tail to side rail, providing the perfect feel underfoot. The all new rocker line provides a much faster edge into the wake and still provides solid pop. The Heritage series is built specifically for the well-rounded wakeskater that sessions features at the cable, their favorite winch spot or even behind the boat.

  • Shaped by Butch Customs
  • Wood Ply Epoxy Construction
  • ABS Sidewall
  • Sintered Base
  • Blended Concave Profiles
  • Griptape Top
  • Continuous Rocker

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