H.O. Level Water Ski Boot Front 2010


 H.O. Level Water Ski Boot Front 2010

The Level Boot raises the bar in comfort, support & ease of entry. Dual quick cinch lace zones secure you for a solid ride, but our preformed floating tongue has the ability to open wide allowing easy entry in the water and out. The Level boot is built atop a soft and plush universal footbed for long and comfortable ski rides. Rear Pivot Ability Features: Skiing with two full boots provides a better feel for the ski and a more controlled ride. The beauty of the Level Boot is its ability to adjust on the fly, keep it loose for deep water starts and then cinch on the fly. For those skiers used to starting with their rear foot out, feel free, then slip your foot in once you're up on plane.

* Waterski specific stitch and turn construction

* New preformed true floating tongue

* Dual quick cinch lace zones for easy entry

* Fully articulating cuff for full range of motion control

* Soft, plush universal footbed for long, comfortable ski rides


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