Gnu Nome AK Snowboard 2008


Gnu Nome AK Snowboard 2008


Small boards for big people. Learn new tricks. Remember the graduated length method (GLM) of ski instruction? Start out on a NOME A.K or a K Rove and after your customer "rips" they come in and get a bigger board. Tell them
to keep the short board around forever to get wacky on. These short wide boards were carefully built by robots.

About the Art:
Graphic by Jeremy Lanningham aka Jerms aka Jeremy lives in Boise, Idaho where he has nothing to do with potatoes. In addition to
his snowboard designs, he is a design director at Wirestone by day and runs his own freelance company, Nktrnl, by night. He also shows his work in many local Boise gallerys.

Biaxial Glass
X2000 Base
E.M.O. Core
Acrylight Alloy Sidewall

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