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Envy KOS Charge S5 Complete Scooter Teal 2018


The Envy Charge S5 is simply one of the finest pro scooters ever made. This complete is one stylish ride designed to shred it all. This PRO level set-up is full to the brim with all of Envy’s aftermarket parts, including -  This complete scooter will have you going faster and flying higher than any other scooter on the market! Some of the differences from this years model from the last, is this model now comes with Nylon Front Plate & Rear Inserts that will prevent your deck from caving in after you've had it for a while. The major difference is that this guy comes with all new Glow in the Dark Hollow Core wheels! Yes they actually Glow in the Dark, so no matter what light level you're riding in you'll stand out.

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