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Lucky Pro Scooters

Cody Flom V4 Sig - LUNAR™

Cody Flom V4 Sig - LUNAR™

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Cody Flom's 4th Signature wheel has yet again moved the bar for Lucky's Lunar Wheel Collection. These wheels are designed around Cody's love for the color blue as seen in some of previous models. The wheels feature a dual color urethane matched to the graphics on the wheel. They are ready to ride straight out of the box with pre-installed LuckySpeed Bearings! 

110mm Diameter

26mm Wide polyurethane and a 24mm wide core. These wheels will fit most lucky forks and decks. (Does not fit on Lucky Crew fork) Will also fit many other brands that accept a standard 24mm wide wheel core. 

.36 lbs (.15kg)

86A Durometer 

Pre-Installed Bearings 

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