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2022 Volkl M6 Mantra

2022 Volkl M6 Mantra

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The legendary Volkl Mantra reaches its sixth generation (6!) with the new 2021-22 M6 Mantra. Before you freak out, know this: The updates from the beloved M5 to the M6 are subtle, more like refinements rather than full-on changes. The M6 Mantra still lives to devour groomers, bump runs, and mixed snow across the frontside of the mountain. It still requests to be piloted by a strong, aggressive skier. And it still views speed limits as suggestions rather than rules. The new version, though, is tailored to match the specific demands of specific skiers. Now, the amount of metal in the skis' Titanal Frame scales up as the sizes get longer. So, the 184cm size is a bit beefier than the 177, for example, designed to provide more power for a bigger skier. The M6 Mantra also gets one of Volkl's most recent design flourishes: 3D Radius Sidecut. This makes the ski more versatile than ever, equally as able to rip long GS-style carves as quick short-radius turns. Finally, tailored carbon in the tips add extra maneuverability and precision, making the M6 likely the most energetic Mantra to date. The bottom line: If you loved the M5, like so many aggressive frontside all-mountain skiers, you will love the M6 even more. Can you love something too much? Not in this case. Similar skis: Salomon Stance 96, Blizzard Bonafide 97.

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