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Werner Nitro 3-Piece Stand-Up Paddle 2012

Werner Nitro 3-Piece Stand-Up Paddle 2012

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The Nitro with Performance Core construction has a longer more slender blade design which is better for dynamic surfing and turning. Mid-size blades are gentle on the joints and allow for a faster cadence. The carbon shaft adds comfort, control and is lightweight, stiff and durable.


    * Mid-sized blades are gentle on the joints and allow for faster cadence.

    * Faster cadence means a higher wave count..

    * ABS Palm-style grip for a good fit and controlled strokes

    * Light weight with Werner's bomber durability


Surface Area      100 sq in

Blade Length x Width     19 x 7.3 in

Weight for Weight for 78

1-piece                 567g/20oz

2-piece Adjustable Length           680g/24oz

Bent Shaft           657g/23.5oz

3-piece Adjustable Length           751g/26.5oz

Recommended Length add 8 in for surf and 10 in for touring over height

Available Lengths: Available in 2 in increments

1-piece                 66-90 in.

2-piece Adjustable Length           70-74.5in, 74-78.5in, 78-82.5in, 82-86.5in, 86-90.5in

Bent Shaft           74-86 in.

3-piece Adjustable Length           70-74.5in,74-78.5in, 78-82.5in, 82-86.5in, 86-90.5in



Create a custom fitting paddle to increase your performance, reduce your fatigue and have more fun on the water. The Nitro come standard with our Performance Core blade design, lightweight carbon shaft and ABS Palm-grip. You choose 1-piece, 2-piece Adjustable Length, 3-piece Adjustable Length or Bent

Shaft. Then use your height and primary paddling style to determine the correct paddle length. Visit Werner's Fit Guide to customize your paddle.



Mid Sized Performance Core Blades


    * Mid-sized blades are gentle on joints and great for smaller paddlers.

    * Continuous weave Fiberglass for light swing weight and improved durability

    * Dihedral for smooth forward strokes.


                Shaft & Grip


    * The shaft is durable fiberglass construction which is light weight

    * An enhanced ABS Palm-grip is designed for maximum control and greater durability


                3-piece Adjustable Length Shaft Carbon


    * Length telescopes with four settings

    * Perfect for those who move between touring and surfing

    * Combines the telescoping feature and the take apart travel feature in the ultimate traveling paddle


                Bent Shaft


    * Aligns your wrist to reduce fatigue.

    * Allows for more hand to shaft contact while maintaining a lighter grip.

    * Sizing is the same as straight shaft.


                Light Swing Weight


    * Swing weight is the weight you feel each time you lift your blade during a stroke.

    * A light swing weight reduces fatigue and makes paddling more fun.


                Correct Length


    * For Surf Paddling add 8 to your height to determine the correct paddle length.

    * For Touring/Cruising add 10 to your height to determine the correct paddle length.

    * Contact a Werner representative for more information if needed 800.275.3311.

                Shaft & Grip

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