Smith Single Shot Audio System

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2012 Smith Single Shot Audio System - Superior All Inclusive Drop In Audio System

The Smith Single-Shot Audio System lets you turn your ski helmet into a music player. Super-thin speakers slide right into the ear pads of all 2011/2012 Smith helmets and are hard-wired to your MP3 player.

Smith Optics Twin Tip Audio System features:

  • Crystal-clear music from your mp3 player
  • Super-thin 58mm, bass-thumping speakers
  • Standard audio jack that plugs right into your MP3 player, CD player, cassette deck, or iPhone
  • Adjustable volume control

Smith Audio Systems: Audio in Your Ski Helmet or Snowboard Helmet

Smith Helmets offers two ways for you to get audio in your ski helmet or snowboard helmet: the Single-Shot or Twin Tip Audio Systems. Both will allow you to listen to music via most mp3 players and insert easily into any 2011/2012 Smith helmet. Unzip the zipper along the base of the ear/neck piece, remove the foam inserts from the ear pads, drop in the .58mm drops, and zip back up. Once the drops are inserted into your helmet, just plug in your mp3 player and you're ready to go.

If you also want to use your phone while on the lift or on the slopes, check out the Smith Optics Twin-Tip Drop-In Audio System, which also allows you to use your wireless phone. When using any helmet audio system, please remember to be responsible and considerate on the slopes, regardless of what song is playing.

Smith Optics

As the company name implies, Smith has its roots in goggles and sunglasses. Since 1965, Smith has pioneered innovations in sport optics. Smith began producing helmets in 2005, and has quickly grown its reputation in the ski and snowboard industry. Smith Helmets engineers snowboard protective gear with some of the highest technological advances in performance, protection, design, and fit. The company's background in optics informs its helmet design, and Smith prides itself on the seamless integration of its products. Among the technological advances Smith has developed are AirEvac and AirEvac 2 ventilation systems.