O'Neill Gooru Padded Competition Life Vest Women's 2012


2012 O'Neill Women's Gooru Padded Competition Vest - Great for Comfort and Style

O'Neill vests are developed and tested by the best athletes in the water. The O'Neill 2012 vest lineup defies convention, sets a new industry standard, and leads the way for those who can only follow.

The Gooru is a padded competition vest that is made up of UltraFlex DS material and O'Neill's exclusive Segmented Foam core that will take the stiffness out of the vest and replaces it with a bendable, soft form that molds to your body, which creates a comfortable vest to wear. The Gooru is a zipperless and buckle free Pullover design which adds to the comfort as there is nothing to get in your way. Two other really great features are the Gooru has a Boardshort connector which allows you to connect the vest to your boardies and the Gooru is reversible so its like having two vests in one.


  • Competition Vest
  • S100% UltraFlex DS
  • Zipperless and Buckle-free Pullover Design
  • Reversible
  • Anatomical Flex Points
  • Strategic Armhole Size

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