Cheers (DVD)

VAS Entertainment

2011 Cheers (DVD) 

A creative dozen of snowboarding's most dynamic riders come together  for  CHEERS, the new film by People Creative. The same crew who brought  you  last year's Nice Try team up with legends like JP Walker and Jeremy   Jones alongside young wizards like Joe Sexton and Zac Marben. CHEERS   bridges the gap between pedigree and potential_with a variety of talent,   terrain, and locations to make this the best People movie yet. Filmed   in crispy HD digital video with a wicked soundtrack, CHEERS takes   viewers up-close and on-location to Lake Tahoe, Finland, Sweden,   Whistler, Revelstoke, Washington, Utah, Oregon, Minnesota, and   Newfoundland for a full season of good times and great snowboarding.

Riders: JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Seth Huot, Joe Sexton, Aaron  Bittner,  Lauri Heiskari, Mikey Rencz, Eero Niemela, Shaun McKay, Curtis  Ciszek,  Zac Marben, Simon Chamberlain and special appearance by Bryan  Fox.

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