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Water Sports

Similar to our passion for winter sports, we offer one of the most prolific waterski and wakeboard selections available anywhere. Different skis, boards, boots and bindings, wakeskates and wake surfers have emerged over the years to represent successful trends in the evolution of equipment. We follow these models and represent the companies that create these products.

A sport that did not exist twenty years ago, wakeboarding has exploded to dominate the water sport scene. The skater-influenced wake skating is maturing with the advent of the double deck.

Wake Surfing is constrained only by the ability of the boat to create an even bigger wake. Wake Surf specific short boards show great maneuverability on larger wakes.
Stand-up paddleboarding is the new water sport on the block. Adapted from ancient Polynesian standing boards the stand-up paddleboard is accessible to a wide variety of athletic abilities. The fun of balancing on the board in an erect position plus an unprecedented view of your surroundings while enjoying the benefits of efficiently gliding on the water or surfing waves with ease is unparalleled.