3rd Annual Hog Island Huff Results!

Pre-race conditions on Tomales Bay went from windy to moderate prior to the start the race. The race course was run clockwise South to North in order to take advantage of favorable wind conditions on the final leg back toward Miller Boat Launch. The morning fog broke and winds picked up right at the end of the the race just in time to enjoy lunch hosted at neighboring Nick's Cove.

Although the 'Huff has attracted paddlers from as far as Lake Tahoe and Hawaii in the past, this year's race consisted entirely of Northern California residence. Local Marin Resident Joel Comer took the top overall time with Joel's daughter Lisse coming in first in the prone class. Other highlights included a strong finish by Mike Melville second overall and top female finisher Valerie Khachadourian sixth overall. Both paddlers finished the unprecedented 100 mile Sacremento River Paddle race earlier this summer.

Local Marin Parks Ranger Jim Slack and his daughter Madison brought up the back of the pack. Madison made the podium in her first race attempt. The scenery surrounding Hog and Duck Islands did not disappoint with skates sailing through the eelgrass, flocks of brown pelicans and cormorants circling overhead and sea lions escorting the paddlers on their final leg.

We want to thank everyone who came out to support Demo Sport's 3rd Annual Hog Island Huff SUP race! Whether you raced or just came for the oysters, it was a blast! We also want to congratulate all our racers, you are all amazing to us!

And here are your 2013 Hog Island Huff SUP Race results: 

Overall Name Gender Class Board Length Position Time
1 Joel Comer Men's Open 14' 1st Place 0:35:43
2 Michael Melville Men's Open 14' 2nd Place 0:37:03
3 Bojan Bernard Men's Open 14' 3rd Place 0:37:55
4 Steve Smith Men's Open 12'6" 1st Place 0:39:49
5 John Walsh Men's Open 12'6" 2nd Place 0:40:18
6 Valerie Khachadourian Women's Open 12'6" 1st Place 0:43:35
7 Madeleine King Women's Open 12'6" 2nd Place 0:44:06
8 Janet Walp Women's Open 12'6" 3rd Place 0:44:19
9 Chris Nauve Men's Open 14' 4th Place 0:44:24
10 Bruce Ahlbom Men's Open 12'6" 3rd Place 0:45:03
11 Jeff Burton Men's Open Unlimited 1st Place 0:45:12
12 Tom Lamar Men's Open 12'6" 4th Place 0:45:35
13 Steve Merrifield Men's Open 14' 5th Place 0:46:36
14 Tom Sher Men's Open 14' 6th Place 0:47:43
15 Mark Craig Men's Open 14' 7th Place 0:48:55
16 Gary Allen Men's Open 12'6" 5th Place 0:49:40
17 Lissie Comer Women's Open Prone 12' 1st Place 0:58:18
18 Madison Slack Women's Open Unlimited 10'6" 1st Place 1:22:30
19 Jim Slack Men's Open Unlimited 10'6" 1st Place 1:22:30

Thank you all again, we cannot wait until next year!